• Licensed in the UK
  • Up to 35% share revenue
  • Minimum €50 payment
  • No negative carryover
  • Software: Income Access
  • Sub-affiliate program available
  • Payment options: Bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill

Matchbook Affiliates is the partner program for Matchbook.com betting exchange and online casino.

matchbook affiliates partner program

Matchbook Affiliates is the affiliate program for the online sportsbook site Matchbook that offers sports betting for a large number of markets and sporting events with a number of casino games available. Commissions are based net revenue and in three tiers as follows:

€0 – €5,000 = 25%
€5,001 – €10,000 = 30%
€10,001+ = 35%

Payments are made on a monthly basis considering you have met the €50 minimum required. If the minimum has not been reach the amount will be carried over to subsequent month until the minimum amount has been obtained. There is no negative carryover.  A sub-affiliate program is available with a commission of 5% net revenue.  Payment will be processed based on your choice of payment method either Bank transfer, Neteller or Skrill.

Matchbook Affiliates provide a number marketing materials such as banners, landing pages, and text links to utilize to promote and generate revenue. Monitoring the performance of your programs is easy utilizing the reporting tools powered by the software Income Access.

Matchbook key focus is on offering sports betting for a wide variety of sports and sporting events in a number of markets. With their focus primarily on sports betting the number of casino games are limited however will still be able to find the more popular games to keep you entertained. Matchbook is available for desktop, tablet and other mobile devices/smartphones.

To join the Matchbook affiliate program review the agreement and then complete and submit the application available online which will be evaluated. You will be notified via e-mail if your application has been accepted or not.