Casino Affiliate Marketing Explained & How to get started

While there are many ways of promoting an online casino, such as SEO, media advertising, pay per click (PPC), etc., one that has actually stood the test of time when it comes to return of investment, is affiliate marketing.

Who are casino affiliates?

Affiliates are people who run a blog or a site, or leave comments on popular sites and/or social media with linkbacks to actual sites selling a product or service – in this case, online casinos. The best casino affiliates are often players who know how the target site works inside out, thereby giving them an edge when it comes to writing blogs and tips and tricks, that attract genuine gambling enthusiasts.

How do they promote online casinos?

Affiliates drive referral traffic to casinos by placing links and banners on their own websites. Sometimes, these call for direct action, like say, asking potential gamblers to register or put in a deposit in a particular casino. The noteworthy thing is casino affiliates bring super relevant traffic with higher rates of conversion into depositing players to these sites and that on any day is more valuable than any other form of marketing that brings generic visitors, who may or may not show any interest to an ad.

What’s in it for the affiliates?

To put it simply, affiliates get paid based on the traffic they drive towards the casinos. Based of the deal they cut with the sites, there are various ways of rewarding the affiliates. Revenue sharing is one where they get paid a certain percentage of the net profit generated by the site. Cost per action is a deal under which affiliates earn a fixed rate for each person they either drive to the site, get registered and/or get them to make a deposit.

How is affiliate marketing so effective?

Like we said earlier, there are certain inherent characteristics about affiliate marketing that give it an edge over other promo campaigns. To start with, as opposed to upfront payments, casino affiliates get paid for services based on their proven performance. This incentivizes the affiliates to drive as much traffic as possible to the target site. Moreover, when comparing with other modes of publicizing an online casino, the success or failure of affiliate marketing campaigns can be easily measured without dealing in any abstracts or ‘gut feelings’. Tracking the analytics for such campaigns is quite easy, which means anyone who knows how to read an excel sheet can easily measure the success rate without wasting any time. Finally, a lot boils down to the expertise displayed by the affiliates, who are almost like subject matter experts, brandishing genuine insights, warnings and other tips and tricks of the trade. The trust they manage to generate is unlike anything a basic sales and marketing team can match.

Pretty much that’s all there is when it comes to understanding how the casino affiliate marketing industry works. Once you also figure out how to meet great affiliate marketers and lure them to do your bidding on their own sites and blogs, all you need is the conviction to jump into the game.

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