Intouch Partners Affiliate Audit – Urgent Action Required

Intouch Partners is the casino affiliate program of The program has extreme compliance requests that affiliates and webmasters should be aware and their policies.

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Hi There,

We are contacting you today to request information about your business so that we are compliant with our regulatory responsibilities as a licensed Remote Gambling operator in the UK.


We require from you the following:

· Confirmation to [email protected] that you have received this email

· Confirmation (with screenshots) that you have an unsubscribe/ consent opt out feature on your marketing material

· Confirmation that this consent is auditable for GDPR compliance

· If you are a Sole Trader:

o Scan of official photo ID such as Driving License or Passport

o Proof of Address such as utility bill or bank letter

· If you are a Limited Company or PLC:

o Company ID Registration

o Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

o Copy of Bank statement or letter displaying your payment details

This information allows us to continue to work with you and pay you for your efforts.

Please make every effort to send us the requested information as soon as you can. If this is not received by 04/05/2018 we may be required to suspend your access to your affiliate account and suspend any payments due to you.

If you have any further queries about how we can ensure that we work together in ways that are complaint then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All the Best

Intouch Partner Affiliate Team

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