Jackpot Knights confiscation of funds

Jackpot Knights has recently been put onto the blacklist of sites with unethical practices. The website which put them on their blacklist, ThePOGG.com, have raised concern over their practices in regard to the confiscation of funds from a winning player.

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You can read more of the casino complaint against Jackpot Knights here.

The player came forward with the complaint back in December of last year where he described his situation regarding the website Jackpot Knights. The player had over 2,300 euros on their account when the website decided to confiscate all of their funds. He first tried to resolve his issue via chat and their reply was that he wagered more than it was allowed by the casino rules. The rules state that the maximum wager allowed is 7.5 euros, whereas they allegedly bet 8.

However, the player went on to state that there is no way that that could be the case, seeing as the game that they were playing, Sugar Pop, doesn’t have the option of wagering 8 euros as a bet. The website refuted, saying that it’s possible to do so via the gamble system which doubles up your wager. This has since been proven as false, seeing as how the game Sugar Pop doesn’t have the double up feature. It has been discovered that only the sequel of that game, Sugar Pop 2, has that feature.

The situation only escalated from there and the player wanted to get paid by Jackpot Knights so they took the issue to the website ThePOGG.com, which offers the services of customer disputes against online casinos. They put forward a complaint and it wasn’t long before they got a response. An investigation was launched against the website, and it took ThePOGG over a month to get a hold of Jackpot Knights. When they did, however, they didn’t hear anything useful from them, and they stated that the customer would be contacted directly after they have investigated the issue.

A month goes by and the customer went on to say that Jackpot Knights has repeated their claim that the customer has wagered over the allowed maximum bet and that the funds will not be returned. ThePOGG stepped in once more and have provided further details which discredited Jackpot Knights’ argument even more.

It has been proven that the alleged wager of 8 euros was not only impossible, but that the bet also lost. This means that even if the bet did happen, which isn’t possible, it didn’t impact the overall balance. The fact that the casino tried to use this bet as a justification to confiscate all of the customer’s funds was deemed as quote unquote ‘predatory’. It is yet to be explained whether this bet was forged on purpose, or if it was a mistake by the casino or the software.

With all of that said, ThePOGG has decided to move forward with their decision to blacklist the casino. This has come to fruition as both the result of the mishandling of the issue regarding the confiscation of the customer’s funds, and the casino’s association with the Danguad Limited license.

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